Chisom UdezeClass of 2009

Founder of Mettle Consulting in Oslo, Norway

I honestly believe that my education at Croft was the most significant education I received. No, it was not as demanding as a masters degree, but it did come close, and it prepared me for future challenges. I realized during my first masters degree that I had an advantage over many of my peers. The ability to think on my feet was priceless—it came naturally to me thanks to my Croft education, while everyone else seemed to struggle. Give me a few hours, a laptop, and a topic, and I can answer just about any question.

B.A. in International Studies, 2009Europe and Global Economics and Business
M.Sc. in Economics, the University of Utrecht, 2011
M.A. International Education Management, Middlebury Institute for International Studies at Monterey, 2013
Career History
Treasury Analyst for ExxonMobil in Monterey, CA
Market Research Analyst for Whalepath in Mountain View, CA
Founder of Xanadu Academy in Nigeria
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