Kimberly Shoff AllredClass of 2011

Business Relations and Strategic Partnerships Manager for Roswell Inc in Roswell, GA

The Croft Institue provided me so much more than an education. It provided me a way of thought, an opportunity to see the world, and an appreciation of other cultures. I went on to get an MBA, and I work in fields outside of international studies and Spanish; however, the classes I took as a Croft student taught me invaluable skill sets that supersede any single field. I learned to read intentionally, analyze and form opinions on foreign material, and most importantly, write academically. I also learned how to speak in a professional setting. It is shocking how many people in the work force do not have this ability! Thank you Croft for preparing me for the real world!

B.A. in International Studies, 2011Europe and International Governance and Politics
MBA, the University of Mississippi, 2013
Career History
Retail Recruitment Coordinator at The Retail Coach in Tupelo, MS
Project Manager at The Retail Coach in Tupelo, MS
Director of Operations for Mine Creek Strategies in Atlanta, GA
Business Development, Retail and Events Specialist for Roswell Inc in Roswell, GA
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